City Swimming Pool

Hours of Operation

The 2023 Season is May 28th through September 2nd.


Phone: 501-288-6210 (Call or Text)


$4.00 per person


Sunday-Friday 12:30 PM-5:30 PM
Saturday 9:30 AM-5:30 PM

Reservations Daily 6 PM-8 PM


Two-hour exclusive rental is $200.
Each additional hour is $75.
The maximum pool capacity is 50 people.

Children 12 Years and Under May Not Swim Unless Accompanied By Someone 18 Years or Older

Beebe City Park

1 Ballpark Road
Beebe, AR 72012

Rental Fees  
Stage $150.00
Pavilion 1 $50.00
Pavilion 2 $25.00
Pavilion 3 $25.00
Pavilion 4 $25.00
Pavilion 5 $25.00
Pavilion 6 $25.00
Stage And All Pavilions $325.00
Baseball Field (for tournaments)* $150.00 per field, per day + $20 per hour, per City of Beebe Employee (to be determined by Beebe Parks & Rec. Director)
Practice Field* (1.5 hours, no lights) $30.00
Practice Field* (1.5 hours, with lights) $40.00
Concession stand** Not available for rent
Entire Park***
(including Pool)
$2,500 per day
Vendor Rental****  $100.00 per day
per vendor

* For any team not part of the Beebe City League. Those renting the park for tournaments will furnish their own workers to keep the gate. The Tournament Director will be responsible for paying City of Beebe employees to work complete hours of the tournament at a rate and schedule established and agreed to by Beebe Parks & Rec. Director. If lights are necessary for a tournament, they will be furnished as part of the agreement.                                                                                  

****Subject to the approval of the Parks Director. The vendor rental fee applies regardless of park rental status. Vendor rentals will be waived for entire park rentals.